Beautiful Home 美丽的家

Buying a house is not only to live in joyfully but also a sound investment. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself. Here are few factors to ponder: Location, Price range, Type of the properties such as size (house & lot size)/bedrooms/bathrooms/year built, School district. In addition, you need to get yourself ready financially, such as know and improve your credit score, arrange your downpayment and your reserve. 

An experienced real estate agent can give you valuable advice, so it is helpful to discuss with your agent. Meanwhile, you may need to adjust during your search process. Your agent will search for properties based on the criteria. It is also important that you do your own search at the same time. With many publicly available data bases, house search is easy. By searching for yourself, you will know the market. Knowing market is very important especially in hot market. You would recognize value when you see it and when your agent tells so. You will be prepared to take action when good property comes to market.         

Good properties don't come to market everyday. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying your home, start your search sooner.

How To Search & Evaluate Houses

1. Use Windermere web to search for listings--请用 Windermere 找房子

2. To learn detail about the properties' county assessed value, size, last sale, location: King County  or Snohomish County--请用 King County or Snohomish County 了解房子的详细信息。

3. Wondering about the price, use Zillow (for reference only): 可以用 www.zillow.com了解估价 (仅供参考)

4. Interested in Schools:了解学校

5. Lake Washington Mansions---华盛顿湖边豪宅: